Apr 062015

I have an 03 explorer and first question is what is the difference between years on the y-pipe of say, an 00 explorer? It’s hard to find later models to get the y-pipe that’s not new. I’m not looking to buy a new one right now.

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  1. First off lets make sure that you understand that the Y-pipe is the vehicles catalytic converter. So unless you need to replace them to be able to pass an Emissions test or they have a hole in it(not very common) the only other reason to replace it would be to make the check engine light go out for the CODE p0420. And replacing it or not will not change the drivability or reliability of the vehicle. So to save you the most money, do not replace it unless you need to pass an emissions test or if it has an actual hole in it.

    That being said, a used one would have the same used up catalytic converters in it. The 2000 is a different bend and will not fit. 2002-2005 are the same. See diagrams below.
    2003 Ford Explorer exhaust diagram
    2000 Ford Explorer exhuast diagram

  2. So I see where on the 02-05 the conv. Has the 2 different parts but no difference on the diagram itself. Mine is a v8. Does that mean I can use a whole exhaust from a v6 and just use a different conv?

  3. YES.
    I have added the diagram for the 2000 V8 below for reference. No Y-pipe.
    2000 Ford Explorer V8 Exhaust diagram

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